I come bearing good news. The Barbican has been forced to shut down Exhibit B, ‘The Human Zoo’!
This result demonstrates community activism at it’s finest following weeks worth of peaceful protest.

Yesterday, marked the London opening of the zoo, despite over 20,000 signatures asking for it’s closure. Protesters, used drums and horns, whilst blocking the roads and vault leading to the Barbican in an attempt to stop the ‘show’- and rightly so.

In a statement issued during last night’s protest The Vault stated they would close the show for the remainder of the week.

“This evening’s performance has been cancelled.
Further subsequent performances up to, and including , Saturday 27th September have also been cancelled.”

The Barbican also released this statement:

“Due to the extreme nature of the protest outside the Vaults, regrettably we have cancelled this evening’s performance of Exhibit B as we could not guarantee the safety of performers, audiences and staff.

We respect people’s right to protest but are disappointed that this was not done in a peaceful way as had been previously promised by campaigners.

– A spokesperson for the Barbican

Now, Barbican you and I both know that the group was far from threatening or aggressive. Nobody was injured, no property was damaged and no arrests were made. The show was not cancelled due to a concern of safety, it was cancelled because the community organised a powerful protest that has forced you to listen to our concerns and cancel the ‘art’. By releasing this statement you are relying on racial stereotypes and portraying the people you tried to oppress with your foolery as the perpetrators. Is it so hard to admit fault and say you were wrong?

On a more positive note, I am so grateful for Sara Myers for spearheading the Stop Human Zoo campaign, also a big thank you to all the organisations and individuals who stood up against Brett Bailey, the Barbican and their circus. We have sent out a clear message that the African and Caribbean community will not allow the debauchery of our people or our history.

This has been a fantastic example of what can happen when people stand in solidarity.

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Pictures of the protests over the weeks, courtesy of Donna Guthrie.


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