Our International Women’s Day Heroes!

20Something Podcast aims is to educate, inform, empower and inspire joy. Over the last year, we have had some great guests who we feel embody this ethos. In our aim to support Black British businesses and organisations we’ve had the pleasure to meet and record with some phenomenal Black British women. This International Women’s Day we would like to remind you of who these women are and why they are so remarkable.

Danielle Abena Scott-Haughton (Danielle Dash) – Podcast Episode: Let The Church Say Amen

Danielle is a woman of many hats; writer, director, producer and blogger. Writing for her website, Danielle critiques pop culture and mainstream media, covering issues surrounding, race, representation, feminism and more. If there is anything we value here on 20Something Podcast it is the art of the clap-back, a skill Danielle has truly honed to Jedi-like proficiency.

As a writer, director and producer, she has used her talent behind the camera to create real, relatable and impactful stories. Her web-series Dear Jesus TV won a Screen Nation award for ‘Favourite web series’. The series features a fashion journalist, Mercedes, who’s life spirals out of control. The creator has also created a spin-off called The Alexis show. Danielle has an amazing way with words, be it telling stories through a camera or on a page, she knows how to communicate in Black Girl Magic.

Seyi Newell – Podcast Episode: Tom Foolery 


Seyi Newell is the incredible founder of TRiBE, a UK wide organisation. Through TRiBE, Seyi helps Black British women find professional mentors/mentees. TRiBE is a charity, which is solely focused on supporting Black British women and girls.

TRiBE aims to help create a world where the workplace better reflects our actual world, and in that world Black Women exist and thrive, the workplaces needn’t be an exception. Building personal, professional and social skills through events, allowing Black Women to take their own narratives into their hands, championing sisterhood and encouraging ambition, Seyi is a woman of great vision and action.

Tobi Oredein – Podcast Episode: Black Business 


Black Ballad is lifestyle website, the work and child of Black British journalist Tobi Oredein. Black Ballad represents the many voices of Black British women and their interests, ranging from health, beauty to social justice issues.

Through Black Ballad, Tobi shows the importance of black ownership of black stories and narratives, the importance of positive representation and the importance of black voices telling them. Visibility of Black British women is a major issue in mainstream media, Tobi and team offer an alternative which doesn’t compromise in quality.


Lola Odelola – Podcast Episode: Trumped

Lola Odelola is the founder of blackgirl.tech, which is an organisation aiming to create a safe space for Black Women to interact and learn about tech. The idea came after her early experiences as a developer in the tech world and her experiences with micro-aggressions as a minority.

Through BGT Lola runs coding classes that aim to get Black British women to engage with tech and to explore a means in which it could be applied to their life, for website building for small businesses. BGT have received recognition for their work, from various organisations. Lola has been able to give talks about the issues of diversity in the tech industry and how best to tackle it during the hiring process.


Kelechi Okafor – Podcast Episode: Religion vs Race 

Kelechi Okafor, also known as Kelechnikoff is an actress and personal trainer who has done more for lower back muscles than chiropractors. Kelechi, when she isn’t slicing someone down to size with her sharp wit runs a dance studio, where she offers her twerk and pole fitness classes. Reclaiming twerk from its recent bastardisations and appropriators, she uses her dance classes to encourage movement, freedom and pride.

Ronke Lawal  – Podcast Episode: Make Sex Education Great Again


Ronke Lawal is PR Guru, specialising in brand management, publicity, crisis management, media relations and more. Ronke also runs a public relations company called Ariatu Public Relations.

Ariatu Public Relations specialise in Media Coverage for clients, these include: The Independent, Arise News, Pride Magazine, The Voice Newspaper, BBC Radio, The Nation Newspaper and many more. Spearheading the exposure of brands, often Black British brands. Ronke Lawal knows perception is everything and through PR aims to take charge of which narrative is told and how.

Our great Black British women are proof of a few things, firstly that black women are not sat down idly while the world goes to hell and secondly that a society that refuses to make space for black women to shine is a society that orchestrates its own downfall. If you haven’t already, go back and listen to the corresponding episodes that these phenomenal women featured on because they all brought with them knowledge, insight, gems and laughter.

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