Mother’s Day is the 30th March. So, we thought we’d celebrate by listing all the weird and wonderful things that mums do, especially African mums. I’m joined by Jonathan from last week’s ‘How Not To Be A Side Chick or A Side Man’ episode and Segun AKA @segnology.

My mum is one of the smartest women I will ever have the privilege of knowing, but there are certain ‘mum’ things that she does, that will never cease to be funny, for example seeing an ice cream tub in the freezer, only for me to discover that it’s filled with rice and black eye beans instead of the ice- cream that I was excitedly anticipating.

Or when your mum tries to learn the latest dance and ends up looking like a impaired goat. That’s just never okay! loool

If like me your mum can’t sing, but feels that she must punish you whilst in an inclosed space i.e. the car, then not to worry I know your pain.

Haha, but in all seriousness we are very thankful to all the mums who have used their talents to raise us. This podcast is my obscure way of paying homage to that and remembering traits that make our mums, mums.


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