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Life at an all girls secondary school in London was…Ummmm…Interesting.

Especially, because I’ve recently come to accept that I was a neek!

In year 7, I was rocking a camping rucksack, ankle swingers and white socks.

I had come from a middle class primary school and had little idea that London slang went beyond the words ‘beef’ and ‘heavy’. (Let me just give praise that heavy is no longer used.)

So basically, I looked and sounded similar to a British, female, Carlton from the Fresh Prince.

My new secondary school was in complete contrast; we had resident policemen, fights most weeks and a building that resembled a prison.

Our books were outdated and there was never enough for one per person, it wasn’t abnormal for toilets to cause flooding and I think we had two school trips in the five years that I was there.

Remember when girls would glue their hair to their forehead in an attempt to create swirls and stars etc? Let me give credit where credit is due, some created the Mona Lisa, for others it was a bit…. Yh. Remember when everyone was sucking on a dummy (me, I never quite got that one) and had tag names like BabyChantelle? That was about half of my school.

Anyway, it was the kind of school where videos would circulate of girls doing…… (Well if you know, you know) and where I would hear the names of local gangs and gang members frequently.

I had to do what any other Nigerian child would do. GRIND. Every piece of homework was given in on time. You may be surprised to know that I wasn’t beaten, instead my parents used mind games. I was accountable to the whole family and being half Grenadian that’s a lot of people (we know how to breed). If I didn’t do well in school a visit to my grandparents would have solved that.

Let me digress a little. You may be thinking that I was a loner but that was not the case. I hung out with other like-minded girls. By that I mean we all had the common aim of graduating without a baby and obtaining GCSE results that didn’t spell out EGG.

So, what became of the Geek? I went on to achieve decent results and am currently attending university. Also, I’ve upgraded to black socks.

The moral of the story kids, is to use mind games with your kids. Those short trousers ensured that I would not get in with the ‘cool’ crowd which ensured good GCSE results, decent A level results etc etc.
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